HRMIS is very easy to use, as it is working out on using Only the screen of Employee profiles while entering the Data in order to get much kind of reports, which enable the Organization to decide in either financial or
Administrative issues.
While HRMIS contains a dictionary necessary to translate The Employee names, it is easy to use in both languages: English & Arabic.

HRMIS has the capability to be used in many Organizations at the same time, each with its own rights & Users

Time Keeping New

HRMIS Time Keeping is an Advanced, turn-key, easy-to-Use solution for collecting local And remote Time and Attendance data automatically Using employee photo 

HRMIS Payroll gives Companies Ownership of The in house Payroll process
Serving as a comprehensive Accounting software solution for Today's demanding company of Payroll. Reap the cost savings And gain control of processing Payroll in house with HRMIS Payroll account software.
Human Resource

HR Automates Your HR Management Department
Extensive employee information is available at your click with our human resource software system, which aids in protecting your company's most valuable asset - your people
Time Attendance

 Time Attendance is At the Forefront in Offering
Customers an easy time-tracking Solution. HRMIS Solutions can Help your company map out a total Time and attendance solution