Human Resources Management Integrated System

HRmis is a robust and scalable system, offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform in a simple and easy to use interface.

HRmis is a comprehensive Human Resources information system which has been developed using the latest version of Microsoft technology. HRmis Software is recognized as a market leader human resources software and is strongly endorsed by HR professionals.

HRmis high security, bilingual interface, dedicated technical support and affordability, have made it the choice for professional organizations of all sizes.

HRmis helps organizations to make better informed decisions, Control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, freeing human resources staff for more strategic functions and improve workforce productivity. HRmis allows managers to access the information they need to legally, ethically, and effectively support the success of their reporting employees.

  • General Features
  • Modules
  • Specifications
  • Why Choose HRmis?
  • HRmis System Design
General Features

Significant cost saving for entry.
High security and low risk.
Extremely friendly interface.
Advanced MS Office integration.
Provides a bilingual interface Arabic and English.
Fast time to value.
Effective and efficient use of an individual’s time.
Flexibility to respond rapidly to change.
Complete search engine.
Powerful management reporting.
Support multiple companies and locations.
Customizing the system to meet the client needs.
Unlimited number of users.
Unlimited number of employees.


√ Basic Module: (Employee Profile, Payroll, Finance History, Change of status, Misconduct, Leave Balance).
√ Archiving system module.
 Time Sheet Module.
 Time Management.
 Time Keeping Interface.
 Training Module.
 Housing Module.
 Medical module.
 Organization Chart Module.
 Bank Transfer Interface Module.
 Grid Report Design and Preview tool.
 Appraisal Module.
 Back Office Interface.
 Recruitment Module.
 Emailing Alert Service.
√ Self-Service Module.


HRmis provides much kind of features that could not be easily recapped in one system as follow:
√ Arabic and English interface.
 Self-language translation.
 Dynamic time sheet management.
 Integrated time keeping.
 High level security.
 Dynamic photo handling.
 Users change log.
 Customizable payroll calculation formulas.
 Customizable insurance calculations.
 Unlimited insurance methods.
 Unlimited number of payroll runs.
 Separate pay slip for each payroll run.
 Dynamic pay slip.
 Year-To-Date payroll history.
 Dynamic change of status.
 Dynamic misconduct handling.
 Complete on line vacation balances.
 Vacations balance grouping.
 Graphical update for attendance sheets.
 Advanced MS Office integration.
 Back Office interface.
 Dynamic filtering criteria for reports.
 Report design tool.
 Dynamic medical records.
 Integrated archiving System.
 Integrated training organizer.
 Unlimited number of users.
 Unlimited number of employees.

Why Choose HRmis?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose HRmis Solutions as your system for payroll, HR and time attendance. Whether you are an executive, end user or IT professional, there are different factors that drive your interest in such a solution.

Below are the reasons why HRmis will make sense to you.


For Executives:
√ Integration to Financials/General Ledger.
 Cost savings.
 Real-time accessibility to employee information.
 Scalability – you can add additional products later.
 Multi-Languages (Arabic and English).


For IT Professionals:
 Compatibility to technology - .NET/SQL.
 Reliability from working directly with the development source.


For Payroll / HR Professionals:
 One shared employee master file will increase efficiency – no redundant entries.
 Support team consists of Payroll Professionals and provides direct support from manufacturer.
 Full-featured & user-friendly software.
 Automated government taxes and insurance reports.
 Over 150 standard reports.
 Multi-Companies For group companies.


Taxes & Insurance:
With HRmis Solutions, there is no need for your staff to become tax experts as HRmis keeps the system compliant with the necessary taxing authorities. The full-featured in-house application will maintain and update government tax tables and calculates the necessary taxes, thereby automating the tasks of tax filing. In fact, with HRmis Payroll the process is simplified, taxes and insurance are available at a click of button.

HRmis System Design

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